Jamovi Worksheets

Stats with Jamovi

These are a set of worksheets originally written for teaching statistics with Jamovi for undergraduate students. An attempt has been made to update them for general use, but they may still contain traces of university specific guidance. They cover practical instruction for using Jamovi to perform common statistical tests, but don’t explain a lot of statistical theory as they go - for that, it’s suggested to check out Learning Statistics with Jamovi by Navarro and Foxcroft.

Click each links below to access each worksheet:

  1. Jamovi Basics & Descriptive Data
  2. Relationships
  3. Comparing Two Means
  4. One-way ANOVA
  5. Advanced ANOVA
  6. Chi-Squared

You can download all the data files, as well as Word and PDF versions of these worksheets, from GitHub. You can also save these online worksheets directly from your web browser by selecting Print then Save to PDF - see this guide for more details on how to do this in every operating system.